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Spiritus for Low Flute Choir Ensemble Alto Flute Bass Flute Contrabass Flute.png


for solo Low Flute Ensemble
Duration: ca. 3:30

Spiritus, MIDIMIDI Recording
00:00 / 03:28

PDF-Perusal Score

(not for performance use)

Whenever I compose for flute, the connection to breath is particularly pronounced, and I felt this characteristic become even more distinct when exploring the expressive possibilities of alto, bass, and contrabass flutes.


Spiritus, derived from the Latin word for breath, breathing, air, or life, delves into the unique capabilities and timbres of this flute ensemble. The composition unfolds in two distinct sections, with the initial segment mimicking the erratic, uneasy, and energetic breath, followed by an exploration of the serene, steady, and pulsating breath.


This work was commissioned by DCFlutes, an ensemble in Washington, D.C. led by Aaron Goldman (Principal Flutist of the National Symphony Orchestra) and Sandra Ragusa (renowned international orchestral conductor and flutist).


The piece is dedicated to Sandra, who took a chance on me years ago and was one of the earliest advocates of my work as a young composer. It was premiered at the 2024 International Low Flutes Festival in Washington, D.C.

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