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Distant Promises

for 8-Part Trombone Choir
Duration: ca. 5'

Distant Promises, Colorado State University, Drew LeslieKevin Poelking
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8-Part Trombone Choir

As you travel westward from Denver along Interstate-70, the once far-off mountains begin to close in around you. There are short glimpses of the landscape, but soon you are completely enveloped by the peaks; only able to see a short distance away.


When you enter the Eisenhower Tunnel, (the highest elevation tunnel in the United States) you are suddenly engulfed by artificial light and concrete. The distant sunlight emanating from the tunnel’s end is a promise of the beauty on the other side. Upon exit, your pupils are suddenly flooded and there is explosion of magnificent scenery as open sky and massive mountains surround you.


Distant Promises intends to reflect this experience in music. While there are brief moments of beauty along the way, the piece seems to promise something more. This is finally fulfilled at the transcendental "Maestoso" in the final minute of the work.

Photo courtesy of Lasse Møller

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