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Clarinet + ElectronicsNew Music Consortium

KELSEY PAQUIN, consortium lead

An exciting new work for Bb Clarinet with audio track created by composer Kevin Poelking in collaboration with the clarinet community.

Abstract Painting
The Music

  • ca. 5-7 minutes​

  • For clarinet with electronics 
    • ​Electronics: simple audio file (mp3)​​ to allow simple setup and accessibility to as many performers as possible
    • Audio track will be usefully notated in the clarinet part to ensure accurate performance
    • Audio track will also be released at slower tempi to assist with practice

  • Some of the music will draw inspiration from the rhythms and characteristics of the music of India (guided by lead consortium member Dr. Kelsey Paquin's doctoral research and travel.)

  • Expected to be completed no later than Aug. 1, 2024 (this site will be updated with any new details/ predicted dates of completion)

  • Listen to more of the composer's music here

Sketches/ Samples

Updated periodically

(All subject to change throughout compositional process)

Intro- No Clarinet (Unmastered)
Grey Limbo
Consortium Details​

A consortium is when a group of people join together to support a new music project. This piece is being written RIGHT NOW! Consortium members are the first group that can perform the new work and can take pride in the fact that this piece of music would not exist without their contribution!

What you receive:
  • Your name will appear in the sheet music as a consortium member who made this project possible

  • PDF sheet music emailed to you NO LATER THAN August 1, 2024

    • If the piece is finished earlier, it will be delivered as soon as it is completed​

    • Be sure that the following email does not get spam-blocked:

  • Exclusive performance rights (piece available to only consortium members) through May 30, 2025

Standard Rate: $85
Professionals and non-student clarinetists
Studio Rate: $225

The teacher/ head of this studio may lend the work to any member that is actively studying in their studio. (If the student is no longer enrolled, they must purchase their own music for legal performance).

This is also a popular option for private or university studios hoping that young clarinetists (potential future students) will take interest in the studio after seeing it on the consortium page of their new work.

Student Rate: $35

(you must be enrolled in a full-time academic program)

Student Rate Bundle (3 members): $80

Join forces with your friends

Supporter Rate: $25+

(click "Join" at bottom of page to see options)

For those who want to support new music but don't intend on performing the piece. Have your name added to the consortium page as a supporter by filling out the form below or submit anonymously. (No delivery of sheet music and files).


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Consortium Member Information

Welcome to the 2024 Clarinet Consortium!

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