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Fanfare for a New Day

Fanfare for a New Day

for Brass and Percussion
Duration: 3'

Part of
The Chamber Winds Project

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"Winner - Dallas Winds 2019 Fanfare Competition"

From the Dallas Winds Website:

"Seven composers from seven different states have been selected as finalists in the Dallas Winds’ annual brass fanfare competition—an opportunity for young composers to have their work heard and performed by one of the most highly respected wind ensembles in the world.  In all, fifty-six composers submitted works for the 2019-20 competition, including composers from 19 states and two foreign countries."

Fanfare for a New Day premieres November 12, 2019 by the Dallas Winds

Fanfare for a New Day begins with a declaration of celebration. Sub-groups of brass instruments call back and forth, excitedly interrupting each other as their notes overlap. The exchange reaches a burst of enthusiasm, until it suddenly settles with a proud statement introduced by the euphoniums.

As the music continues, the celebratory atmosphere falls away to uneasy harmonies. The conical brass emerge with a somber theme, as if remembering and appreciating the challenge and struggle that preceded this joyous time.

After an uplifting transition that shakes away the old memories, the first two themes reappear. This time, the music is more brilliant than before, as if knowing the hardship of the past has given this victory new merit. The relentless momentum of the percussion and full power of the brass drive the piece to an ecstatic and triumphant conclusion.

When I am uneasy, I will be thankful, for I know that I am growing.

Fanfare for a New Day is dedicated to those who are challenging themselves to overcome the obstacles in their way, knowing that one day they will look back and say, “Look at what I have accomplished.”

PDF-Perusal Score

(not for performance use)

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