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for SATB and Piano

Duration: 5'

Lucy is based on text from the Lucy Poems by William Wordsworth. The lines I chose for this piece intend to convey the idea that the main subject, Lucy, was was not fully appreciated until after she was gone. 

This use of text was prompted by my reflection on how many people, especially those of a younger age, relate to the feeling of being overlooked and wanting to feel that they matter while they find their purpose or place in society. I wanted to write a piece of music that would capture this sentiment. 

The final text of this piece, “My time will yet come,” is a quote famously attributed to composer Gustav Mahler, who could perhaps relate to this feeling as well as any of us. The intention of this line is to conclude the music with a sense of hope and purpose.

PDF-Perusal Score

(not for performance use)

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