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for flute, bassoon, and piano
Duration: ca. 7'

Mask is an (eventually) uplifting work that portrays the beauty of our inner-critic giving way so that our true self can match the upbeat "character" we can often portray to others. The music begins with a haunting introduction that makes use of attainable extended techniques. When the "mask" is placed, the music portrays an inner battle as this new identity is in conflict with its true feelings. The final section of the work represents the character finding peace as the three instruments beautifully come together in harmony.

This piece is a part of Cayla Bellamy and Megan Lanz's ongoing project to create music representing and commenting on mental health.


Mask for flute, bassoon, and piano began as a conversation and expanded to a beautiful new work for woodwind chamber ensemble. After wonderful experiences with Kevin Poelking's woodwind writing via There and Back (bassoon) and Unbroken (flute) and inspiring conversations with Frank Horvat to begin work on The Spirits that Haunt Us, Megan and Cayla agreed to reach out to Kevin with the request for a work to culminate the exploration begun in Frank's duo. Could we explore not only how elements of control, trust, and struggling to be enough weave through our common human experiences but also how we as individuals manage these issues internally and project different selves to the public? Kevin returned with Mask, which portrays the reflective and performative aspects of our personal growth, ultimately resulting in a grand sense of peace and acceptance. - notes by the performers

-Program Note by Cayla Bellamy and Megan Lanz

Photo courtesy of David Clarke

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