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Payment indicates that you have read and understand the "Overall Consortium Guidelines" outlined on the Consortium Home Page.

Clarinet + Electronics New Music Consortium

  • Be sure that you have filled out the "Consortium Member Info" form.

    For every option you receive:

    • Your name will appear in the sheet music as a consortium member who made this project possible

    • PDF Parts emailed to you NO LATER THAN August 1, 2024

      • If the piece is finished earlier, it will be delivered as soon as it is completed​

      • Be sure that the following email does not get spam-blocked:

    • Exclusive performance rights (piece available to only consortium members) through May 30, 2025


    Standard Rate: $85

    Student Rate: $35 (you must be enrolled in a full-time academic program)

    Student Rate Bundle : $80 (3 student members, please indicate each person's name on the Consortium Member info form)

    ​Studio Rate: $225 (Private or university)

    The teacher/ head of this studio may lend the work to any member that is actively studying in their studio. (If the student is no longer enrolled, they must purchase their own music for legal performance).


    Supporter Rate: (Bronze, Gold, Silver, Platinum)

    For those who want to support new music but don't intend on performing the piece. Have your name added to the consortium page as a supporter by filling out the form below or submit anonymously. (No delivery of score and files).