Stoolz you guyz

for percussion ensemble

Duration: 3'

Stoolz was commissioned by Erin Baker and the Emory Percussion Ensemble (Atlanta, GA) back in 2013 when they were looking for a fun piece that was quick to learn. When we were kicking ideas back and forth, Erin mentioned, "...we have a bunch of stools we can use."

When I sent them the score to Stoolz you guyz, the group took the simple music I had written and turned it into a wonderfully creative and entertaining performance.

This piece is written in 4 parts, that can be easily doubled to incorporate more percussionists. The notation can be followed very simply, but I encourage anyone performing to watch the Emory Percussion Ensemble's premiere performance and make this piece their own.

Score and Parts (PDF): $15

Note: Purchased items will be emailed with the buyer's information engraved. To reduce cost for you and your ensemble, scores and parts are available only via PDF. If you would like hard copies printed and mailed to you for an additional fee, please use the CONTACT page.