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for String Orchestra
Duration: 5'

Gradients follows the journey of a single grain of stone that has been chipped away from the top of a mountain by the relentless drip of water. As it descends through the peaks, it encounters a variety of ever changing styles as it moves through calming plateaus, sudden drops, and vast bodies of water.

Gradients was awarded 3rd Place in the 2022 American Prize for Composition and 2nd prize in the Reno Pops Orchestra Composer's Showcase. It has been performed in throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia It was commissioned by the Cherry Creek School District Honor Orchestra in Denver, Colorado for a concert program inspired by their home state. It was premiered on January 18, 2020 under the baton of Dr. Erik Johnson.

PDF-Perusal Score

(not for performance use)

Photo courtesy of Samara Doole

Full String Orchestra


Chamber String Orchestra


Playable by as few as

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