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With Eyes Anew

for Full Orchestra
Duration: 5'


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About the Piece (Short Version):

With Eyes Anew is a short orchestral work that takes us on a journey that begins with bitter, unrelenting assuredness. The music eventually loses energy, as if to question itself, and then rebuilds "with eyes anew" using small musical motifs and gestures to create something beautiful piece-by-piece.


About the Piece (Long Version):

With Eyes Anew is a short orchestral work that conveys a story of ego, reflection, growth, and redemption:


The music begins seemingly mid-thought, lost in bitter, unrelenting assuredness. The piece develops quickly as phrases hurriedly repeat themselves, leading to more underdeveloped ideas that are loosely based on the previously stated “thoughts”.


Somewhere within this opening Aggressivo section, the music seems to begin to question itself. After a quick episode of desperation, it relents, quickly losing the conviction it once had. As the old ideas fade away, meaningful growth can begin...


The music has now started to rebuild with eyes anew. Old convictions of the past are suspended, as small motivic material begins to construct a new idea. This larger second section of the music is less rushed, almost meandering at times, as if to question and reaffirm that this is the correct path.


While it takes almost twice as long to develop as the entire opening section did to perform, the payoff is massive, as the entire orchestra joins together in a triumphant, passionate arrival.


In a world where there is immense pressure to make quick decisions and chase approval or immediate satisfaction, there is sometimes an unhealthy need to be absolute in our beliefs. We are often so strongly identified with our convictions, we can sometimes forget how they came about. If unquestioned, they become ingrained in our self-identification, and it never occurs to us to question their origin. We remember what we learned but are perhaps unclear on why we chose to believe it in the first place.


With Eyes Anew is a musical reminder that if we take the time to re-assess our beliefs and ensure that they lead to actions that align with our highest values, we can begin to understand ourselves and each other with more purpose, clarity, empathy, and kindness– ultimately creating something beautiful in the process.

PDF-Perusal Score

(not for performance use)

Cover photo courtesy of Aron Van de Pol

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