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Late October

Late October

for percussion ensemble

Duration: 6'

I originally composed Late October for my own enjoyment; writing it vaguely for a line of midi pianos and string instruments. When my sister's friend asked me if she could use it on her undergraduate dance recital, it encouraged me to write the music for a live ensemble. After trying it for multiple instrument combinations, I finally settled on an all-mallet percussion ensemble.

I started dating and was eventually married to my wife in late October, hence the title. I dedicated it to her during the beginning of our relationship so she would think I was talented and cool. When I was recently making edits to Late October, she overheard the music playing on my notation software:

"Oh my god, you're still working on that? You've been working on that piece for like 10 years. Start something else, bro." 

... so it's really paying off.

View the perusal score for full instrumentation and information.

PDF-Perusal Score

(not for performance use)

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