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Terra Nocte

Terra Nocte

for Symphony Orchestra
Duration: 8'

2020 Minot Symphony Orchestra Young Composer Competition

Terra Nocte was not composed with any visual images in mind, however, as the piece neared its completion, the opening measures of the music  inspired the title of “Terra Nocte” (Latin for “Earth at Night”).  This loosely-metered introduction seemed to paint a picture of a quiet lake under the moonlight, with small disturbances rippling across smooth surface as insects, wind, and wildlife sing and stir around its banks.

Terra Nocte was completed in the Spring of 2016 and was premiered by the Montgomery Philharmonic in May of 2017. It is written with multiple cues to facilitate a successful performance by ensembles with varied instrumentation. View the perusal score for full instrumentation and information.

PDF-Perusal Score

(not for performance use)

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